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ACTRA Northwest Chapter Office

54423 N SR 225

Benton City, WA 99320

Phone (509) 531-6203

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The chapter portal includes member points and results, chapter directors, chapter arenas,  other chapter information.

We are now accepting "bids" for a host of the Southern Oregon Qualifier.  Please propose to us your date(s), roping(s), and location you would like to host as the qualifier.  The board will review, and vote on the best proposal they see fit.  The chapter will provide some form of awards for these qualifier ropings at their discretion based on the event being held.


Please provide your date(s), roping(s), and location to be held to by April 15th to be considered. 


The board will then choose a producer, and will work together to finalize a format.


Flagger bids are now being accepted for the NW ACTRA Finals, please submit to by April 15th.



Northwest Chapter ACTRA Finals

September 29 – October 1, 2023

Hermiston, OR at the EOTC

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