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The chapter portal includes member points and results, chapter directors, chapter arenas,  other chapter information.

We have made it through the 2020 ACTRA year. Thank you to all the arena operators and members for sticking with it through COVID, fires, smoke, and whatever else we were dealt. The Chapter Finals and National Qualifiers were well attended, and the Northwest Board did a great job to get it all done.

The director ballot is now open. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


It is time for Director Nominations. The Board of Directors are the heart of the Chapter and in keeping the welfare of the members as its priority.  If you feel that you would like to be considered as a director or would like to nominate a member to the board, please submit your nominations as follows:

  • Nominations may be emailed, faxed or text or given at Chapter Finals.

  • Nominations close September 27, 2020.

  • All nominees must be a member in good standing for the past three years.

  • Please take into consideration when electing that the nominee is an active participant in the ACTRA Roping Association.

  • Outgoing directors must be re-nominated if they wish to be on the ballot.

  • Once elected, if a Director misses two meetings and/or ballots the Board has the option to discuss removal and replacement of the director. The Board of Directors will appoint the replacement. The removed director will remain ineligible for director nomination for three years.

  • Voting will be held via the Internet, mail.

  • If elected, the term is a two (2) year term.

  • If you would like to vote by mail, please email or call to receive a ballot.

  • Balloting will close October 9, 2020


Outgoing Directors

  • Zone 1 – Karen Coldwell

  • Zone 2 – Clayton Freemantle

  • Zone 4 – John Morris, Scott Fischer

  • Zone 5 – Brad Boultinghouse

  • Zone 6 – Darren Hagins, Grant Shumway & Mike Ihly

  • Zone 8 – Lynn Rodriguez

  • Zone 10 – Ryan Young

  • Zone 11 – Billy Gallagher & Ryan Gallagher


Standing Directors

  • Canada – Mark Pozzobon, Rod May, Bailey Blackstock, Carl Woods

  • Washington – Bud Streeter, Jimmy Barrett, Jared Slusher

  • Oregon – Travis Wienke, Danny Martin, Jason Duby, Keith Holman, Brad White

We look forward to seeing you at the finals!

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