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ACTRA Northwest Chapter Office

54423 N SR 225

Benton City, WA 99320

Phone (509) 531-6203

Welcome to 2024!


Our 2024 NW ACTRA season is already in full swing.  If you haven’t purchased your 2024 membership, now is the time.  Click to Buy Your Membership

We would also like to welcome Jimmy Barrett as our new NW Chapter President.  Jimmy is very eager to make 2024 a very successful season.  He has taken the reins with full stride and looks forward to meeting new and returning members.


Save the Date!

NW Chapter Finals

September 27-29, 2023


What’s NEW

Points – Year-end winners will now be determined by points, instead of money won.  Here is a brief recap of how points work; however, please refer to the ACTRA Rulebook for full details:


2.1.23 Points will be awarded at the Chapter Board’s Discretion.

a. In the average

• 1st = 100 points

• 2nd = 90 points

• 3rd = 80 points

• 4th = 70 points on down to 10 points for 10th place

b. In the go-rounds

• 1st = 20 points Page 3 of 12 

• 2nd = 18 points

• 3rd = 16 points

• 4th = 14 points

• 5th = 12 points

• 6th = 10 points

c. Add one point per team except with 10 teams or less, and then 5 points per team for first: if 6 to 10 teams then 10 points for 1st.


Divisions – With guidance from the national board our divisions have changed.  The women’s division has been removed; however, additional number divisions have been created.  This will increase our year-end awards from 5 awards packages to 6 to benefit our members. 


Below are the new number divisions:

                Division 1 - #1

                Division 2 - #1.5

                Division 3 - #2

                Division 4 - #2.5

                Division 5 - #3 & #3.5

                Division 6 - #4 & Over


Please note if you have a double number (different heading number than heeling number) all your points will be placed in the division of your higher number.  Example, you are a #2 header and #1.5 heeler, all your heading and heeling points will fall under your #2 number, which is the division 3.


Qualifiers – NW chapter requires 7 qualifiers to rope at the chapter finals.  Members who are 70 years of age or older will only be required to attend 4 qualifiers to rope at the chapter finals.


We are looking forward to another successful year of roping and look forward to seeing you all on the roping trail real soon!




The chapter portal includes member points and results, chapter directors, chapter arenas,  other chapter information.

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