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PO Box 190540

Boise, ID 83719


Click to Buy Your 2023 Membership

The Idaho/Nevada Chapter is excited for the 2023 year.

We welcome our new Board of Directors:

President - Roger Todd

Vice President - Justin Geney

Past President - Chad Steele

National Directors - Marty Okamura & Kelli Riley

Directors - Shane Bohach, Bruce Corkill, Katrina Pelroy, Tony Steele, Paul Dunn, Taylor Duby, Tommy Lee,

Jared McFarlane, Michael Nelson

​​​​​​​​To join ACTRA


​​Join at any ACTRA arena, online, 

or print the membership application and mail to:

PO Box 190540

Boise, ID 83719

​If you are interested in becoming an Arena Operator,

forms are on the home page at

or call/text the chapter office at 775-304-5433.

The chapter portal includes dynamic home page news, qualifier count, chapter directors, chapter arenas, and other chapter information and news.

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