PO Box 190540

Boise, ID 83719


The Chapter finals are set for September 15 - 18, 2022 at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds in Winnemucca, Nevada

Nevada-Idaho ACTRA Finals

September 15-18, 2022

Humboldt County Fairgrounds, Winnemucca, Nevada

Thursday, September 15 th


#10 ½ Handicap…(#10 ½ Even)


Friday, September 16 th

#8 ½

Century Handicap…(#8 Even)

Super #7 Handicap Down

Handicap 1 second per ½ number

Saturday, September 17 th

Mixed Handicap…(#8 Even)

#5 ½


Sunday, September 18th



NEW for 2022

The #4 and #3 ropings will have a Draw in option


All Ropings Cash or Credit Card Only

Enter 4 times

Ticket Entries

Progressive After One


Must be rope at 6 days of ACTRA ropings prior to

September 12 th to rope .


Cactus or Fastback Team Membership in the Super 7 & Mixed ropings Highest placing header and heeler using a Cactus or Fastback Rope will receive Either a Cactus or Fastback Team Membership consisting of 3 ropes for 4 months.


The chapter portal includes dynamic home page news, qualifier count, chapter directors, chapter arenas, and other chapter information and news.

​​To join ACTRA


​​Join at any ACTRA arena, online, 

or print the membership application and mail to:

PO Box 190540

Boise, ID 83719

​If you are interested in becoming an Arena Operator,

forms are on the home page at

or call/text the chapter office at 775-304-5433.