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California ACTRA Board Adds New Year End Award


At the California Board meeting May 20th, the Board put the finishing touches on this year’s Finals.  The April financials report was the best month in recent memory.  With that in mind the Board decided to add a new category to the Year End Program.  For the first time ever there will be a Year End Rookie in each Overall Division.  Ryan Fowler of Skyline Silversmith’s had been contracted and said he could design a one of a kind buckle for the winners.


President JT Bradley spent several hours reviewing and changing the rules for better clarity.  The Board appreciated the work he did, which was way overdue.  The changes were approved by a unanimous vote and is on the California website, Thanks  JT.  The Board also voted to let JT and Mike Sweeney order all the Finals Awards.  The Board agreed that the 2021 Chapter Finals and Year End Program would have the same quantities and quality as last year.  All Year End Champions, statewide will get a top of the line Scott Thomas Certificate.  Chapter Finals Champion will also receive Scott Thomas Saddle Certificates.  There will be 3 Saddles available to take home from Chapter Finals. The first crowed Champion will have first choice, but will have to wait until the Finals are over to get their saddle


The summer months look to be one of the best in years, as Arena Operators are making plans for some outstanding roping’s.

Remember you have until July 31st to join and September 6th to get qualified for the Great California Championships in September.


Be safe and hope to see you somewhere on the roping trail.

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