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ACTRA California Chapter Board Moves

Chapter Finals to S Bar J Arena


At the California ACTRA Board meeting in June, the Board felt we should start looking for alternative places to hold the Chapter Finals.

The Chowchilla Fairgrounds was still on lock down and the future did not look very bright. 


The Board had very few options, but made some inquiry’s and felt S Bar J Arena in Sanger was the best option.  There were several concerns to be considered.  First was the cost of the facility and then the lack of income from RV hookups and stalls that help pay for the facility.  Steve Simons has been very helpful by making adjustments to the cattle costs, including tractor work and water truck and the overall cost of his facility.  He also would give us the use of his pens at no charge, approximately 100 and go and get our pens from Chowchilla and set them up, which would give us some help on the income side.  The next challenge was not having a second Arena.  To have Steve put up a second arena would be a sizable expense.  So we looked at how we could make one arena work.  Last year we didn’t use a second arena on Thursday, Friday and Sunday were short days.  By analyzing last year’s runs per roping we found that if we moved the number three roping to Sunday, the total runs per day would be between 900 and 1050.  This would make for long days, but would be doable.  The long days could be cut shorter if we were to limit entries from going 4 times to going 3 times.  The whole idea of a Chapter Finals is to make it fun and enjoyable, not a marathon.


Based on cost, income and location this seemed to be the best option for this year’s Chapter Finals.  The Board agreed to this proposal at the July Directors meeting.


You will find information about the formats for the Chapter Finals in this issue of Ropers Sports News as well as on the ACTRA website.  There will be more information about start times, rotations and Year End Awards in the near future.


We are living in a world where things are changing daily, but be assured the ACTRA Board is doing everything possible to make this year as normal as possible.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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