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California ACTRA Opens the Gates after a Month Off


ACTRA Members and Arena Operators took all the precautions that Government and Health Officials had recommended.  After a month of cabin fever, financial strain and new information about Covid19; the California Board felt it could start sanctioning ropings again as

long as safety precautions were practiced.  So May 1st several arenas opened up to a record numbers of teams.  The Board held its breath hoping there would not be any issues. On Monday morning they exhaled as all went without incident.  The next week roping and teams doubled and still no issues, great!


April is one of the biggest months of the year in normal times; needless to say the Chapter was going to have a lot of Membership and revenue to recover.  At the time of this writing the California Chapter looks like it is going to be able to put on the Chapter Finals, Qualifiers and the Year End programs as close to what our Membership has grown to expect.


The California Board has been holding Zoom meetings with great success. The next meeting is scheduled June 19th.  With over a month of business in the books they should be able to start making plans for all Award Programs.


This has been the one of the biggest setbacks we have ever seen.  Being able to bounce back from this, just shows how resilient American people are!


ACTRA seems to demonstrate this very well and it starts with the Family Unit.  ACTRA’s Family includes, Members, Arena Operators, Sponsors and great Leaders!


We want to leave you with this; Stay Safe, be respectful of others and enjoy life!

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