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Lincoln, CA 95648

Phone 559-702-1959

California ACTRA Board Meeting 

Summary of Minutes 5/19/22 via Zoom


President JT Bradley called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Secretary Daphne VanStavern took role.

The following directors were present: Willie Worley, Billy Fulton, Marlin Russum, Larry McGrady, Bill Horner, Rikki Perezchica, Jessica Cardoza, Ernie Cardoza, Jim Waggoner, Mike Redfeairn, Dominic Patino Sr

The following guests were present: Steve Hatcher and Dionna Paris

Minutes from 4/21 meeting were approved.

Financial report-April and YTD financial documents were shared, explained and approved. 

National Director Report-the national contestant jackets have been ordered. ACTRA has 

ordered and is distributing new banners with eyelets that will be distributed to all ACTRA arenas.


Arena Updates-There are currently 21 full time ACTRA arenas in California. There are several more 1 time event arenas as well such as Three Rivers and Taylorsville. 

7UP Productions will host an out-of-region roping in Clements after the NCJRA rodeo.

The other arena operators in the area support the roping. 

Most arena operators are extremely supportive of each other and vote to allow other producers to come into their region to produce specialty ropings. We appreciate the spirit of cooperation that our operators show each other. The board hopes that all operators know it is impossible to appease everyone and that working together to serve the best interest of the ropers is the ultimate goal of the organization. A great example of cooperation is shown in region 3. This region has our largest number of arena operators yet they support one another and even allow a producer from a different region to produce weekly jackpots within a close proximity to multiple arenas. All arenas are drawing strong team counts, so the cooperation is working and providing great opportunities for the membership. We appreciate all of our arena operators and will support them as much as we can. 


2022 CA State Finals-

JT has reached out to many people about working at the Finals. He will have his 

recommendations finalized by the June meeting so that the board can 

officially vote on who to hire for all of the positions at the Finals. 

Tractor & Drag-Daren Lowry offered the use of his tractor and drag. The difficulty in using it is transporting it to Paso Robles. Trevor Messersmith has stepped up again in a huge way and has offered to loan us a tractor to use in Paso Robles. California Custom Trailers and Powersports is our largest sponsor and we thank them immensely for their support with the losing of a tractor. 


Photographer-We want a photographer to be able to sell digital images online and 

accept that they will need to print and mail actual photos. JT has sent our proposal out to several photographers and will still reach out to more to give our members the best available option. We only plan to have the photographer shoot photos in the main arena. 

Silent auction-We are working to find some big items for the silent auction to support the catastrophe fund. Butch and Lori Pope have stepped up as a sponsor and plan to donate Total Feed for our auction. 


Steve Hatcher attended the meeting and pitched the idea of hiring live music to play at the banquet. There will be a cost and Steve and JT hope to get that sponsored. We need to contact the facility to ensure that we have the space for the band to play. 8:00-10:00 would be the proposed time for the live music. There will be a projector and slide show playing during dinner with award recipients listed. Members may pick up awards at any time during the dinner. The only members who will be called to the stage to receive an award will be the overall division winners. It should make for a much quicker and enjoyable banquet and leave plenty of time for the live entertainment. 

Numbers-Votes have been tallied from the May ballot and will be sent out soon. Names are due for the June ballot on June 13th. The board has expressed concern over the lack of information on the ballots. It can be challenging for directors to know when voting which kid is the older sibling in the family etc. The board is asking for the review list to include the member’s age and if that member put themself on the review list. We don’t want to include so much information that it may sway a vote, but we want our directors to be clear about who they are voting on and why. It was also suggested that no member be put on the review list in back-to-back months. These suggestions will be brought up at the national level. 

There is an online log-in where producers can check the status of a roper’s membership and their current numbers. 

Old Business-

Awards-Documents were shared showing the prize line for all of the Finals as well as the year end package. It is an impressive package with a value of over $150,000.

Membership Numbers-we currently have 1,474 paid members and 1,645 total active 

members. The goal is to have 1,800 members.


New Business-

A member approached JT about the struggles of attending 10 Members Only Ropings. We were reminded that anyone over the age of 70 only has to attend 5 and that it is important to keep the qualifiers at 10 so that members can be correctly classified and arena operators have support at their ropings. This is especially important in the more remote areas where there aren’t as many ropers. 


Catastrophe Fund-

$1,000 was sent to members in need this month. Billy Fulton sent in a check for $500 to support the scholarship and catastrophe fund! Billy’s support is extremely appreciated and the members will benefit from it.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 

Next meeting will be Thursday, June 16th @ 7:00 via Zoom

The portal includes points, results, directors, arenas, & recent number changes.