ACTRA California Chapter Office

PO Box 1478

Lincoln, CA 95648

Phone 559-702-1959

California ACTRA Board Meeting 

Summary of Minutes 7/21/22

President JT Bradley called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Secretary Daphne VanStavern took role.

The following directors were present: Willie Worley, Billy Fulton, Hunter Lowry, Sandy Inderbitzen, Steve Basso, Joey Sanchez, Marlin Russum, Larry McGrady, Bruce Elliott, Wayne Hicks, Bill Horner, Rikki Perezchica, Tres Porter, Jessica Cardoza, George Porter, Ernie Cardoza, Jim Waggoner, Mike Redfeairn, Dominic Patino Sr.

The following guests were present: Brit Silveira & Daniel Babshoff


Minutes from 6/16 meeting were presented and approved


Financial report-June and YTD financial documents were shared and approved.


National Director Report-some of the other chapters are low on memberships and have had to revise financial goals. California has met and surpassed our original membership contribution goal. State board has the authority to grant double qualifier ropings this year. ACTRA program should be in the mail within a week. 


Arena Updates-Bo Bacigalupi is sending in his arena operator paperwork for the Oakdale 10 steer. Dusty Bravos will begin producing ropings in August. 


2022 CA State Finals-Curtis Jensen with Bullseye Imaging will be our photographer in Paso. Joe Peters Band will play live music at the banquet thank you to Bradley Builders for sponsoring. Adam Teixeira will bring the breakaway calves to Paso. It will be 3/$150 with 2 full rounds and a youth incentive. Stall and RV reservations are open and the CA office can receive credit card payments. Hotel rooms must be booked by 8/31 to receive ACTRA rate. We decided to accept stall/RV reservations early so that people can book their room before then if they can’t get an RV spot. Jody Branco will manage this and we are asking directors to help with parking as well. Jenifer Cardoza will work in the office. Butch and Lori Pope donated bags of Total Feed as an additional prize. Steve Simons will lease 50 head of steers from Jeremy Garner for the NorCal Finals.

Numbers-Names for the August ballot are due 8/8. It should be a goal of ours not to raise 

people in August and September so close to the Finals. It was asked about whether or not people get put on the review list when they join after not having been a member for a few years. The discussion followed that it is better to let them rope for a few months to see their current ability level before placing them on for review. Members are allowed to request to be reviewed. The question was asked if an arena operator was allowed to lower a roper’s number. The answer is no. An arena operator does have the ability to temporarily raise a roper’s number or limit the amount of times they can enter at their current number at their arena. We have monthly ballots, so we can keep up with number change needs pretty quickly.


Inventory of Equipment-

    308 panels in Red Bluff. 115 panels in Porterville. We need an inventory of the 

equipment currently in Chowchilla. 


Old Business-current paid members 1,801. Current total members 1,993.


New Business-Hardships for Finals. Discussion about what would be considered a verifiable hardship. Horse issues should not be allowed. Medical issues should be allowed. 


An email vote was approved earlier this month to allow all arena operators to produce 1 double qualifier this season to help members get qualified for the Finals. 


Catastrophe Fund-One member in need was sent $500 this month.


Meeting adjourned at 8:22

Next meeting will be Thursday, August 18th @ 7:00 via Zoom

The portal includes points, results, directors, arenas, & recent number changes.