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Lincoln, CA 95648

Phone 559-702-1959

Summary of ACTRA Board Meeting

11/18/21 via Zoom

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President JT Bradley.


Secretary Daphne VanStavern took roll:

Directors present-Billy Fulton, Hunter Lowry, Sandy Inderbitzen, Marlin Russum, Billy Armendariz, Wayne Hicks, Ken Paddock, Bill Horner, Terrance Costa, Tres Porter, Jessica Cardoza, Ernie Cardoza,Jim Waggoner, Mike Redfearin, Dominic Patino Sr, Paul Mullins.

The following guests were present-Daniel Babshoff and Dionna Paris.

Financial Report-year end financial reports were shared and explained in detail by

President JT Bradley. Meeting attendees saw the year end balance sheet, year end profit and loss, and the current balance in all 3 bank accounts (general, scholarship, catastrophe) Board unanimously approved the financial report.

National director report-Bill Horner, Tres Porter and JT Bradley jointly reported that the

team counts at the national finals were up and it was a great success. Arena operator insurance will go up to $450 this year to cover the liability insurance cost increases.

State Finals Planning-

Venues discussed were Chowchilla, Turlock, Tulare, Rancho Murieta, Diamond Bar-Ceres, Angels Camp, Sanger, Paso Robles, Salinas, King City.

A venue bid sheet was approved and will be sent out to venues soon. The bids will be due 1/7/22 and the venue will be selected at the 1/14/2022 board meeting. Cattle bid sheets were approved. The bid sheets will be published publicly after a venue is chosen and will be due on 3/1/2022. The cattle bid will be chosen at the 3/17/22 meeting. A detailed planning and brainstorming sheet was given to the directors. Everyone is supposed to come to the next meeting with ideas and plans. 

Numbers-our annual number review will be in December. A list of all members will be

sent to directors and arena operators. Names will be submitted from the list for review.  Many members requested a free double number on their membership form. Members need to make sure they go rope both ends if they want to be assigned separate numbers so they can be properly assessed. 

Old Business-

Secretary transition is going well. 

Directors are to come up with questions to send out in a survey to all CA members.

New Business-

A rule update is needed to change membership fees & misc. A new draft will be presented for approval at the next meeting. 

A motion was approved to publicly post a summarized version of our monthly meeting minutes for everyone to see. 

Catastrophe Fund-We sent a total of $2,500 to four members this month to help with 

various medical situations they were facing. Directors are to make motions to distribute catastrophe funds to members when they know of someone in need. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:32

The chapter portal includes member points and results, chapter directors, chapter arenas,  other chapter information.