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2015 Southwest Qualifier stall reservations please call 702-455-8273 or go to www.BarnManagers.com which will have a stall reservation form for the event.



ACTRA National Board Plans for the Future


The ACTA National Board got together in Reno on June 20th to make sure all the loose ends were tied up for this year’s National Finals on October 18th thru the 24th.


This year’s National Finals will have some new programs that should make the Finals even better than ever.  The change that seems to be getting a lot of positive response is the new payoffs.  In the past, teams that were out of the money but made the high teams received Sponsor products from Professional’s Choice, Weaver Leather and Wrangler.  This year those will receive cash.


Read the Gold and Silver payoffs on page 21 of this year’s ACTRA program for the details.


This year the Finals will run 7 days instead of 8 days.  This will save a day for some ropers.  The National Board is confident that this year’s Wrangler/Professional’s Choice ACTRA National Finals will be the most fun and exciting yet.  You won’t want to miss this one.


Another National Board produced roping is the Southwest Championships.  It also has some great changes that will make this event even more fun and exciting.  The Southwest Championships will be held at Horseman’s Park in Las Vegas on September 26th and 27th.  There will be 10 saddles up for grabs at this one.  Last year’s payback to ropers was 146%.  Check out all the details on page 30 of the ACTRA program.  Speaking of the “ACTRA Program” we want to thank Bob, Steph, Jennie and Ericka at Ropers Sports News for putting this great program together, great job!  A big tip of the Resistol for Casey Printing for publishing the program.


With all the loose ends tied up the Board decided to look to the future and ways they could take the success of the National Finals in Reno to other areas of the country.


ACTRA’s formula for success is really pretty simple.  Find a great venue, use their great Sponsor’s to put together a great prize line, make it affordable, good cattle, professional staff, consistent and “Special”.


The National Board has a good start with this format in Las Vegas with the Southwest Championship.  With this in mind the Board decided to take a trip to Montana and Wyoming to see if this business plan might help build this part of the country.  Be sure to check in next month’s issue of Ropers Sports News for the update on this project.


There were many thanks from the Directors to President Bob Blair as he ran a very efficient and productive meeting.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and look forward to seeing you on the roping trail



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