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The Results from the 2015 Wrangler/Professional's Choice National Finals are posted on the National Finals Page.  Thank you to all the Members, Sponsors and Vendors who came to spend the week with us.  What an awesome week we had!!!!  Start now to prepare for the 2016 Wrangler/Professional's Choice National Finals!!!!


ACTRA National Finals Continues to Rewrite the Record Books


The Wrangler/Professional's Choice ACTRA National Finals saw a record 1,109 teams in the #4 roping.  For the first time the #4 was the largest roping of the finals.  The million dollar mark again eclipsed last year's million dollar mark!  The gold and silver payoffs were a huge hit.  Those payoffs guaranteed teams in the top 40 or 50 a cash pay back.  The web cast continues to grow as the week had over 61,551 hits from 5 foreign countries and 10 states.  The #4 drew the most viewers at 13,490.


The new 7 day format seemed to be another big plus.  Same number of ropings, a total of 5,605 teams and 1,415 contestants.  Every contestant received a beautiful Professional's Choice trophy jacket designed and produced by Professional's Choice.  Lorinda Markegard and Lisa Ernst from Professional's Choice and Tonja Sweeney were there to make sure every contestant got the jacket they wanted.  Thanks Ladies!!


Skyline Silversmith's Trophy products were a large part of our Awards Program.  Ryan Fowler does a great job customizing our awards unique to the ACTRA National Finals.  A big thank you to Ryan and Sophia Fowler!!  They both had a great week of roping.  Congratulations!


The Earl Hall Scholarship Roping was another huge success! Mr. Earl was there to take part in one of the most successful one day Scholarship roping anywhere for our kids!  A big tip of the Resistol to Mr. Earl, Tommy Lee Livestock and Cactus Saddlery.


Mr. Mike Piland was on hand to award the Fastback/Cactus Rope Team Memberships.  Thank you to Mike and Fastback for making our finals very special.


Josh Love from Heel-O-Matic was there to help the ropers in the Heel-O-Matic practice zone with training tips.  Heel-O-Matic is a great Sponsor and we feature their products in the Heel-O-Matic Raffle.


Gus Rodriguez Jr. was there representing all the Pro Equine Group which includes Cactus Saddlery, Resistol Hats, Cactus Ropes, Fastback Ropes and Heel-O-Matic.  Thanks Gus!


Mr. Robert Lever from Wrangler took some time off from the PBR in Vegas to check things out in Reno.  Want to thank Wrangler and Robert for all their support!


The Wrangler Super 7 Roping saw a new trailer sponsor.  Stan and Jason Sanders of JH Sanders Custom Trucks were present to award the winners of the Super 7 beautiful Trails West Trophy Trailers.


Another great Sponsor is Red River Arenas.  Justin Kemmel of Coleman, Texas donates all the chutes and lead ups along with a nice gift card that benefits ACTRA.


Another great Sponsor that makes our National Finals very special is Tom Pinter from Off The Beaten Path Photography.  Tom does a great job with the action shots and the award pictures.  Thanks Tom!


We want to thank the RSCVA, Circus Circus and the Silver Legacy for making us feel right at home during our stay in Reno.


Weaver Leather was a part of the action with the Weaver Challenge Steer in play all week.  Thank you Weaver Leather!


A new comer this year was Dr. Harry Anderson from Total Feed.  Doc was there to explain the benefits of Total Feed.  We want to thank Doc and he is looking forward to next year's finals.


Another great service that is provided for our Finals is the Web Cast.  Thanks to Steve and Fawn Schott for providing the Finals to folks all over the world.  Over 60,000 views during the week.  Awesome!!


How about Ropers Sports News?  Bob Feist, the Godfather of team roping made an appearance at the banquet and shared a few words of wisdom.  It was nice to see Stephanie and Gus Anderson there as well.  A big Thank You to Bob, Steph, Jenny and all the folks at Ropers Sports News for doing their part to make our finals all that it is.


Now to all those who work behind the scenes, who get very little recognition and all the complaints! A big Thank You to Heidi Fettic our National Secretary and all her wonderful staff; Linnea Aguiar, Herb Botelho, Shelly Winn, Colleen Watson, Vicki Benedict, Penny Barker, Brenda Robbins, Kelli Riley and Christi Cox.  The flagger's Billy, Jake and Jeremy, great job cowboys!!


Another thankless job is the Cattle Contractor.  He rarely hears a compliment but all the complaints.  Thanks Tommy Lee!!  Another great job was done by Lee Legasey with Perfect Timing.


A tip of the Resistol to the man who brings all the excitement to the the High Team Round, Mr. Jody Carper!


How about the Ladies in the Loop?  What a job they do making the long days a little more exciting!  Thanks to the Lady in charge Miss Teena Blair and her volunteers Lilly Kevorkian, Abby Moreland, Ellen St. Clair and Vikki Sweeney!


Mother Nature even did her part with the weather!  I can't remember a better week in Reno for the Finals.


Certainly last but not least, the ACTRA National Board.  What a job it is putting together an event like the ACTRA National Finals.  Every year is a new year with new challenges to address with no dress rehearsal, yet they seem to pull it off every time.  Thank you!


By the time you read this we are 2 months into the New Year.  You can bet that 2016 will be better than 2015, hard to believe!  Travel safe and hope to see you on the roping trail.




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