ACTRA National Board Holds Winter Board Meeting

National Directors from all the Chapters got together in Reno on January 23rd and 24th

to finalize last year’s numbers and make plans for 2016.


 President Bob Blair called the meeting to order on Saturday morning with a full agenda.  After the Board reviewed the minutes from October meeting, they jumped right into 2015 financials.  National Secretary Heidi Fettic took the Board through the financials answering questions, as they were looking for places to save money in the future.  Bottom line is that we were $2,396 under budget, Awesome!


The next item was the Southwest Championship roping.  They felt moving the roping to October 1st and 2nd would be a better weekend, with some adjustments to the prize line and format the Board was confident the 2016 Southwest Championships would continue to grow.

It was time for the Chapters to give reports on how the new year looks for their Chapters.  All the Chapters were very confident that 2016 was going to be a great year.  The newly formed Big Horn Chapter – Montana and Wyoming, has  challenges that all new Chapters have, but Directors have a very positive outlook on the future of their Chapter.


Members will see some changes in the 2016  format.  The number 12 will move to Monday making Sunday a shorter day.  This should help make each day finish around 6:00pm.  The Century will change to a #8 handicap with a #5.5 incentive.


Next the Board took a look at cattle bids. The Board had 3 to choose from, Tommy Lee Livestock, S Bar J Cattle and Habib Cattle Co., after considerable discussion the Board decided on Tommy Lee Livestock as the 2016 Cattle Contractor. 


Secretary Heidi reported that the target date to launch the new website was February 1st.  There was a lot of excitement about the new website.  Business Manager, Mike Sweeney announced that Kovac Ranch Equipment has joined the family of Sponsors.  Kovac Equipment is a California based company featuring Priefert.  The National Finals will have all new Priefert  chutes and lead ups this year.  Mike reported that most of the Sponsorships would be up at years end.  Mike has already started working  with those Sponsors  to extend their Sponsorships.


It was also reported that the Patriot  Shirts have been ordered  from Wrangler and the Patriot Roping will have some great surprises this year.  Professional’s Choice is working on the contestant jackets and will have something that is sure to please. 


The National Board extended Mike Sweeney’s contract for 3 more years. Ropers Sports News will again produce the National Finals and Chapter program this year.  This will be distributed with the August issue of Ropers Sports News. 


The numbering committee got together Sunday morning to look at some roping videos from the 2015 National Finals.  The goal was to discuss roper numbers from all Chapters and see how they may be able to level the playing field at the National Finals.


When it was all said and done the National Directors felt they had put everything together that would ensure this year’s Wrangler/Professional’s Choice ACTRA National Finals would be the most full and rewarding ever!  Dates are October 16th through 23rd.  Travel safe and hope to see you in October.