Advertising with ACTRA

For a limited time, ACTRA is running a beta test of their online advertising capabilities. Unlike some newspapers, magazines, or other websites that offer advertising space, ACTRA provides an easy way for you to see what's going on with your ad at ANY time. The videos below provide a quick overview of the capabilities at your finger tips when you advertise with us.

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Our ad rates are discounted specifically for this beta test. If you have never advertised online before this is a perfect opportunity to experience one of the best approaches to online advertising you will find anywhere on the web. We are offering ad space on two pages at a hugely discounted rate:
  • The Home Page for $100/mo.
  • The California Chapter Page $50/mo.
There is no long term committment. You just go month-to-month. When the pilot is over these rates will jump to five times the amounts listed here. That is how valuable our membership traffic is to advertisers. This is far less than the price of getting your ad listed in most other publications with national exposure.

Why You Should Spend Your Ad Dollars With Us

"ACTRA has been really great for me and my website. Just the addition of a link on the ACTRA website has boosted my hits tremendously. The ACTRA website has helped me get more hits than any other site."
— Jody Carper, Professional Announcer.
Unlike online ad buys at generalist websites such as newspapers, the people viewing your ads at inhabit a specific lifestyle niche that may fit well with what your business is all about on virtually every page throughout the website. Our members have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly has evolved in just the past year alone into a site that allows them to sign-up online, check ACTRA related news in their specific part of the country, and see rapid updates to their roping stats. In short, the website has become as important to them as their ACTRA membership. We are presenting you with the opportunity to put your ad in front of that crowd.

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Why It Is Better Than Print

People love the idea of seeing their ad dollars go to work only in specific situations where the right audience is showing up. This is why Google AdWords® has become one of the most successful business ventures in history.

There is a reason succesful businesses are using the internet to get the word out: accountability and results.

  • Accountability: Our system shows you how many times your ad is getting in front of eyeballs, and how many times a click has been made on the ad. Print cannot do that. All print can offer is a vague promise of exposure.
  • Results: Depending on what you are advertising, online campaigns typically generate more leads and paying customers per dollar than any other form.

Over 20,000 Monthly Visitors

This is an extraordinary amount of highly qualified traffic. "Highly Qualified" means the people that are visiting the site know why they are there and did not arrive by accident. This number can easily double during major events like the National Finals. How do we know they are highly qualified? Well to be sure a small percentage of them probably are just checking us out, but we know that most of them are truly interested based on:
  • Our own membership results
  • The amount of page views we get
  • The amount of repeat traffic. This last point bears drilling down on a bit more.

Tons of Repeat Traffic

Repeat Traffic is the #1 most desirable type of highly qualified traffic. It means your message is getting in front of the same people repeatedly. Repeat exposure is just as important as making sure your ad gets in front of the right audience to begin with. At you get both.

Each of these pages boasts and extraordinary amount of repeat, highly qualified traffic that trust ACTRA to keep their best interests in mind. We are very selective about the advertisers we accept, and during the pilot there are only 26 ad spots available between the Home page and the California Chapter page.

ACTRA Online Advertising  Click here to get started